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Leling Derun Health Food Co., Ltd.
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Address:Leling City,Shandong Province,NO. 79  Westadvance
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Leling Derun Health Food Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010 August, is located in Leling City West into No. 79, covers an area of 317 acres, a total investment of 250000000 yuan. The company has been rated as the Shandong provincial agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, Shandong province forestry enterprises, Chinesejujube industry famous enterprises, the products have passed the national green foodcertification, and has won all kinds of gold, the best-selling product award, Dezhou city is the first to achieve product export enterprise qualification date.

Derun has advanced jujube fruit, concentrated jujube juice, pastry fillings and otherproduction lines, which concentrated jujube juice production line for the whole of Asia's most advanced production line, the vacuum extraction technology and jujube juiceclarification technology is the first in the same industry, is the first domestic production enterprises have the technology.

The company has "Qi Yun", "King Derun" two registered trademarks, the main products are disposable, red dates, gelatin candied jujube concentrated juice, pastry fillings and other four series over 100 varieties, with an annual output of 9000 tons, sold throughout the country, and exported to Italy, Japan, America, South Korea, Singapore,Malaysia and other countries.

Derun has more than 200 employees, including graduate, undergraduate, college andsenior titles, more than 60 employees, technical personnel more than 80 people. From the source in order to ensure product quality and meet the needs of production, the company has a large refrigerator own Jinsixiaozao planting base and 5000 ton.

Derun and Shandong University signed a cooperation agreement, to employ the national "thousand person plan" for the company's research center director Professor Zhao Zhongxi, the establishment of a subsidiary of Ji'nan Li -- the source of medical science and Technology Co Ltd in Ji'nan City, through the extraction of effective components of red dates in supercritical CO2 extraction technology of low temperature,provides pharmaceutical intermediates for major pharmaceutical companies, provide a series of raw materials for the health care products, food production enterprises, while the development of anti-cancer, anti haze, protecting liver, blood nourishing functions such as food, health care products, red dates of medical drugs. Mark Derun upgrade from the low-end processing enterprises transition to high intensive science and technology enterprises, started to enter the field of medical food.

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