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Ocean University of China Derun graduate workstation was founded
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October 14th afternoon, Ocean University of China School of management Derun graduate workstation was founded. School of management, vice president Dr. Zhang Guanghai tutor, China Chinese sea sea deputy director of the office Yu Dehua and vice mayor of Leling Zhao Zhida, director of the media Bureau Fang Shaoliang and Derun company responsible person to witness this historic moment.
In the Leling Municipal Committee and the Bureau of commerce related to the leadership of the matchmaking company since the beginning of this year, Derun and the Ocean University of China repeatedly approached the end of May, the company sent to sea management, on-site recruitment, at the beginning of the July sea doctoral delegation settled in Derun, also inspected for half a month. Through contact exchanges, Derun and Ocean University of China School of management reached a consensus: in the establishment of the sea graduate workstation in Derun, in the application of new technologies, new knowledge conversion and other aspects of school enterprise cooperation.
Graduate workstation after the establishment of Derun, according to the proposed technical requirements of their own development, the establishment of a research project, the sea through the graduate student self enrollment and mentor recommendation form, select excellent professional graduate batches stationed workstation. Each batch settled for a period of six months to a year, during which the station graduate students will conduct research and development under the guidance of instructors to help Derun overcome technical problems, to achieve innovative development of Derun. Derun was selected in the team of graduate students and tutors to provide the necessary conditions for scientific research, work, living conditions and living subsidies.
Derun Ocean University Graduate workstation was set up, the sea will be better to play the big talent advantage, the advantages of scientific research, make more in line with the business needs of the scientific research achievements into productive forces, to inject new vitality into the innovation and development of Derun.

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