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Derun high-end health products into the international market
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October 26th afternoon, in front of Derun food finished warehouse, the stevedores sent a batch of red dates into the Hongkong area health drinks loaded into containers. This is the year following the concentrated jujube juice exported to South Korea, exports to the United States, candied jujube for export to Thailand since Derun and products into the international market.
Derun food since its inception, always pay attention to the introduction of R & D investment and personnel, construction of more than 5 thousand and 500 square meters of building, Shen Jian provincial red dates of food and medicine engineering technology research center, the introduction of the expert team, developed in Leling concentrated Chinese jujube juice as the basis, a number of high-end health products has three, hepatoprotective, prevention and control beauty and health care. This high value-added products is the company's future development direction, to avoid competition in the low-end products such as candied jujube invalid field and many family workshops of the company, the Derun high science and technology enterprises into the deep.
In order to make these high-end health products as soon as possible to the market, the company at the beginning of Hongkong and Fu Fu International Group reached a strategic cooperation, co founded the Dezhou Kang run health food Co., ltd.. Kangfu President Mr. Huang Qianwei was born in a Chinese family, is an American nutritionist, natural medical doctor, former dean of Hongkong health school, he founded the Hongkong Kang Fu International Group has a wide influence in the international market of health care products. The successful development of a batch of concentrated juice drinks in Hongkong, marking Derun red jujube high-end health products officially into the international market, but also for the development of Leling jujube industry broaden the train of thought.

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