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State Forestry Administration Leadership visits to Derun guidance
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In November 2nd, Huang Faqiang, deputy director of the division of science and technology of State Forestry Administration for the Qi Wenhui, deputy director of the provincial forestry department director Zheng Hongzhou Dezhou City Forestry Bureau and Leling city leaders Liu Jijun, Wang Sanqiang and others who came to Derun, they Jinsixiaozao deep processing investigation guide.
The general manager of the company accompanied the guests to visit the concentrated jujube juice production line, R & D building and jujube base. Huang Faqiang came to Leling city inspection and acceptance of Jinsixiaozao standardization demonstration zone construction, he pointed out that the construction of the demonstration zone of jujube Standard cannot do without the participation of enterprises, and then built the norms and the market will eventually have more beautiful. Derun in the jujube deep processing started early, go far, the concentrated jujube juice production line daily consumption of 20 tons of dried jujube concentrated juice products, stable supply of several large beverage group, with concentrated juice as the foundation for the development of high-end health beverage into the international market, has become the development of red dates industry of Leling City benchmarking enterprises to have a strong supporting role for the construction of demonstration area of Leling city Jinsixiaozao standard.

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