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The morning of November 4th, in the city of Leling Derun Health Food Co., warehouse, loading and unloading workers will be 600 barrels of concentrated jujube juice with logistics car sent to the perfect group, this is Derun (Chinese) become the perfect limited qualified suppliers of the first batch of concentrated jujube juice.
Perfect (Chinese) Co. Ltd was established in 1994, is set up by Malaysia perfect resources limited investment in overseas Chinese enterprises China. The main production and sales of health food, cosmetics, cleaning supplies, etc., in the industry has a high reputation and influence. Health food is the perfect leading product, the production of concentrated jujube juice required very strict. Derun concentrated jujube juice production line with the international advanced level, the production of raw materials for all from the company's own organic jujube jujube planting base, Chinese jujube concentrated juice produced by stable quality, light transmittance, color, turbidity and other indicators in full compliance with industry standards. After the first test, test, test layers test, fully meet the requirements of the perfect group.
The successful delivery of concentrated jujube juice group is perfect, Derun became another breakthrough after mountain dairy Wahaha Group, Wanda domestic large drinks companies qualified suppliers, but also a reaffirmation of Leling jujube quality, will further expand the market for Derun jujube juice play a strong role in promoting.

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