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Ji'nan daily newspaper group to Derun interview
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The morning of December 4th, the Ji'nan daily newspaper group party secretary, chairman and President of the Ji'nan daily group Sun Yuanwen, deputy party secretary Zhang Nan, deputy editor of Yin Bo, Dan Baozhu and Jiang Liming, President of the Dezhou daily editor in chief Zhao Hongwei in Leling city mayor Fan Tinglei, accompanied by Derun to interview. It is understood that Sun Yuanwen and his party to Dezhou, Dezhou, the main understanding of economic integration into the economic circle of the city's work highlights, reported Dezhou excellent enterprises and urban construction development.
Delegation visited a group of people in Leling, including Kerry Group Derun food, including key enterprises, chairman of Prudential Group, deputy director of the company, Derun, deputy director of the Tang and other people visited the concentrated jujube juice workshop and research and development building in. In concentrated jujube juice production line, the production line when the daily consumption of jujube production reached 20 tons, 10 tons of concentrated jujube juice, the product has stable supply of many domestic large-scale beverage group, to concentrate juice into the international market based on the development of high-end health beverage, the guests of Derun gave full development sure, Derun said in 2010 construction, short time to become the city of Leling red dates industry benchmark enterprises, is worth learning from its concept of development.
In the building, the guests visited the Department of culture and the product area, President of Sun Yuanwen Derun's detailed understanding of the red dates and said "Jinsixiaozao" series of products, known as the Shandong native, can try to multi-channel propaganda, can use high-speed rail lines and tourist souvenirs in the form of expanding the influence of products. When he learned that the only red dates of food and Medicine Engineering Research Center is located at this time, President Sun Yuanwen pointed out that enterprises bigger and stronger cannot do without scientific input, cannot do without the support of talent, only continue to introduce high value-added products, enterprises can remain invincible in the market competition.

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